AGM 17th May 2011 

Sunday, May 15, 2011 2:22:00 PM


Wine has been bought, Cheese and Pineapple chunks are being put on cocktail sticks, other nibbles and snacks ready. All we need now is yourself for this weeks AGM.

Please can you make every effort to attend on Tuesday 17th May at 7:00pm in St Marys scout hut, Purley Oaks road.

The success of our beaver, cub and scout troops is down to your fantastic support. Amongst the normal organisational pieces this is an opportunity to hear what we have done and are planning to do over the next year and also very importantly hear your views on how our troop can grow.

We shall endeavour to keep this as brisk as possible enabling us to have a more informal chat and to finish as much of the cheese, wine and biscuits as we can.

See you all on Tuesday.

As per normal, if you do not want to recieve emails from the 53rd Scouts please reply and we shall unsubscribe you  from the list.

Kind Regards
Group Scout Leader



Vicky Lamont 

Friday, April 15, 2011 6:41:00 PM
Below is a message from the district commissioner Steve French with regards to Vicky. It provides details for the funeral arrangements. I plan to go to the funeral and if anyone else is able to attend from the 53rd I am sure that it will be greatly appreciated. As Vicky's family have been so kind and helpful to the 53rd I also plan to make a donation on the troops behalf.
The following is from Steve French......
Many of you will now be aware of the most tragic death of Victoria Lamont in the early hours of Saturday 9th April 2011.   Vicky was an Explorer Leader with Purley Oaks ESU and obviously had very close ties with the 8th Purley Scout Group.  Various news articles have already been published on line and in the Croydon Guardian earlier in the week and again in the Croydon Advertiser today.
On Wednesday evening, Theresa Jeffrey, Jenny Handley, Colleen and Dave Martin and myself supported the family at a special meeting of the Explorers and many Group members past and present.  This was a very special occasion with lots of fond memories being shared by all.   With regards to the funeral, I mentioned to Yvonne and Brian that I would send an email round the Groups to confirm details and funeral arrangements.
a) The funeral is being held at 2.30pm on Thursday 28th April 2011 at St Mary's Church, Purley.
b) The family have said that Scout uniform is optional, however as we know Vicky was a proud member of the Scout Movement and I personally feel that uniform should be encouraged.
c) In preference to floral tributes, Yvonne asked that any donations be made to 'Scouting' at St Mary's.
(Please make any cheques payable to 8th Purley Scout Group and send directly to the Funeral Directors - marked in memory of Victoria Lamont)
Rowland Brothers Limited
299 - 305 Whitehorse Road
West Croydon
Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or queries regarding this mail. 
Kind regards,

Cubs Summer term 2011 

Sunday, April 03, 2011 9:24:00 AM
Dear Parents,
There is a meeting this week at 7.10 p.m, during Cubs, for the parents of boys going to camp in May. It is being held early as due to Easter and Bank Holidays we are not meeting after this week until 9th May. Hopefully this will give you plenty of time to get organised for the trip.
I have attached the parent rota for next term. Please can you ensure that you keep to your commitment to help. Last term nearly every week we had a parent not turn up, either the Cub arrived without a parent or the Cub and parent did not attend. We now have 25 Cubs with a large amount of Beavers ready to join. We have had to make an additional 'six' to accommodate the large number. We plan the activities based on parents helping so it impacts on the group if you do not arrive. Also due to safeguarding regulations we have to ensure that two adults are always present with boys when outside in small groups. Activities this term, such as using the telescope to observe constellations, meant we struggled to manage with limited adult help.
This term we are planning outdoor activities to make the most of being near Purley Beeches, a hike in Sanderstead and a family picnic so please support us to provide these experiences for our children.
Please return your sponsored silence monies this week if possible. As I mentioned last week Mary Barnett is going to arrange for Barclays Bank to fund match the total so we will double our contribution.
Please note next term we will not meet on 6th June as 6th and 7th are inset days at Regina Coeli.
We have an additional teenage helper until the Summer. Rory Bloom is in year 11 at John Fisher and volunteering as part of his Duke of Edinburgh award. Along with Harry and Daisy Howes the teenagers are bridging the gap between the leaders and boys and are proving a great success with the boys.
From the beginning of the Summer term we will be using a league table and points system for the sixes. Points will be awarded for behaviour, attendance at parade, uniform etc. We hope it will help channel their energies positively. 
Re uniform - all boys have now been invested so the whole troop should arrive in full uniform to include - t-shirt and/or jumper, scarf and woggle and navy Cubs trousers. Jeans, school trousers and joggers are not uniform.
If you have any concerns regarding your son and Cubs please don't hesitate to approach one of the leaders.
Many thanks,
The Cubs Team

Science Cubs 

Thursday, March 10, 2011 11:34:00 AM

As the cubs get to the end of the science badge, I would like to thank the leaders for their great effort in making the past weeks such great activities. You will all probably have had some science experiment brought home each week and I do think that the children have really enjoyed it and learnt a lot. One of my highlights was when one of the cubs looked at the moon through a telescope and was absolutely amazed at how realistic it looked. Also aside from the Science sessions, the children had a great time in learning the value of money (or match sticks) and how to look after it.

well done to all the leaders

Duke of Edinburgh 

Friday, January 28, 2011 12:59:00 PM

Not sure how to add to the forum so having a go here instead.

My daughter Daisy is undertaking the DOE award at St.Phils. As part of this she has to do 3 months voluntary work with a group. She has been coming to Cubs for the past couple of months and has been leading some of the activities and helping with the planning. It has worked really well as she is a 'bridge' between the adult leaders and the boys.

I didn't expect her to actually enjoy it. Having 2 brothers she is not that keen on boys (yet!). However, she is really enjoying her experience. The boys treat her very well, she integrates in games and can lead on 'stations' when we are doing badge work.

I would really recommend we utilise DOE award volunteers as it is mutually beneficial.

I am hoping Daisy does continue to come to Cubs after her 3 months volunteering finishes. She is a calming influence, provides some much needed female input and helps me carry my increasingly heavy bags to the hall!

St Gertrudes Hall 

Thursday, January 27, 2011 5:57:00 PM

So What is happening with the hall?

We at the moment there are 2 stages that we need to consider.

1) Opening it so that we can hold meeting for up to 60 people, that would cover our Scout, Cub and Beaver meetings.

2) Opening the hall so that we can have number greater than 60, for fund raising events and Church parade.


To achieve the first we need to fix the electrics, create a disabled access to the toilets. A (Very) nice to have would be to to get safe running water. At the moment as the water runs over the roof, it can apparently be a health hazard as it get heated by the sun, I know it's a long time since we saw the sun but it does exist. we are currently receiving several quotes to review and proceed with the work. The goal is to get this done as quick as possible (!). I would be loathed to put any estimates on this, your guess would be as good as mine, but please rest assured that we are all working very hard a t something that has been extremely problematic. Your continued support is very welcome.

To get the hall open for more than 60 is another matter altogether, this involves getting the correct fire exit in place. by the nature of the position of the hall it is very awkward to get a suitable access in place. this again is being run as quickly as possible however there are certain channels that have to go through that are preventing and immediate start.

I will try to keep you up to speed as much as I can with regards to this.


Thursday, January 27, 2011 5:45:00 PM

Hi all,

This is the start of the 53rd Croydon Group Scout Leader (GSL) Blogs. With time being the main factor against me I will still try to keep this up to date with news from around the Group. Things such as what is happening with the hall, when are the scouts going to start again, training events District news and anything else that may take my fancy.

It would be great to get some feedback and both positive and negative is welcome as long as it is constructive.

The overriding thing that will probably turn up again and again is Helpers, we will always need helpers, whether exec, occasional or uniform, so please do not be shy come and have a chat, I can almost guarantee it is not as hard as you think, we can cater for just 1hr a month to whatever you can give.


All the best