Think you know Scouting

 Fancy helping out with the scouts?

From 1 hour a month to as much as you like we can find a role that will suit you. Either in the from helping to lead or behind the scenes making sure all runs smoothly.

Contact us for a chat about what you can do. The only condition is that you enjoy what you do.

Interested: Please contact

We are now on Facebook

We have now set up an organisation account on facebook. This slightly different to a normal facebook page, in that you don't become "friend" you just "like the page.  

This means that if you like us, you get updates from the 53rd Croydon scouts page but the moderators cannot see your personal faceebook page and so your updates are kept private.

We'll Be Back

Unfortunately due to issues with the Church Hall and a lack of Leaders we have been unable to meet recently. 

However this will change soon and we look to start again soon.

If you would like to help as a Scout Leader please contact Simon@Crippsy.Net


Cubs and Beavers

Our Cubs and Beaver sections still meet on a Monday and Tuesday respectfully.

Many thanks to the generosity of the 8th Purley Scouts who have let us hold our meeting in their hall whilst ours get repaired.

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Where are we?

St Gertude's

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